• GC-1001 Plaster Gypsum Trimless Downlight Spotlight GU10
  • GC-1001 Plaster Gypsum Trimless Downlight Spotlight GU10
  • GC-1001 Plaster Gypsum Trimless Downlight Spotlight GU10

GC-1001 Plaster Gypsum Trimless Downlight Spotlight GU10

Product origin Foshan,China

Delivery time 35-40 days

Supply capacity 100,000 pcs per month

Plaster light is fast becoming more and more popular choice for home, projects, domestic or commercial lighting. GDLED provides a completely range of plaster light in unique and modern finish .
Plaster lights are a superior alternative for indoor lighting. They have several advantages:

Easy to personalize
One of the most distinctive advantages is that they can be easily customized. Usually, when you choose lights you have to choose the model that has the best fit for your room decor, in terms of colour and even design. However, by choosing gypsum lights, you can paint the plaster in any colors to match your decor.

Indirect lighting creates cosy atmosphere
We know just how important lighting is for creating a habitable environment. The plaster housing is a diffuse reflector, which creates indirect and glare- free lighting.

GC-1001 Plaster Gypsum Trimless Downlight Spotlight GU10

Gypsum downlight

This fitting is hand crafted by using high density plaster material, designed to be more durable and tolerant to change in heat and moisture content.

This is a very perfect and minimalist downlight. When installed, the bond between ths fitting and wall or ceiling is completely trimless and seamless looking. 

So the end result looks like it has been cast directly into the wall or ceiling surface rather than added on it.

More Details

Lamp type
Lamps includedNo
Dimensionφ100*27 mm
Cut-out diameterφ105 mm
IP ratingIP20
Wiring classClass II
Max wattageLED 10W/Halogen 35W
200 PCS
Product code


  1. Putting on a pair of clean gloves! 

  2. Screwing the bracket on the plaster fixture(no need to screwing when the bracket is fixed)

  3. Cutting out a hole

  4. Cutting off power and Wiring the lamp holder

  5. Tilting the fixture and insert into the ceiling.

  6. Holding the fixture down and put two screws through the plasterboard

  7. Plaster or fill the gap, allow this to dry.

  8. When dry insert lamp and position spring clip to retain the lamp

plaster downlight

Key Feature

  • Made of high strength plaster

  • The bond between luminaire and ceiling is seamless

  • Can be painted in different finishes


  • EPE protected 

  • Can be customized for QTY above 1000 pcs

gypsum spotlight

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