The Right Practice to Paint Plaster Light Fittings


Plaster light is made from high-density smooth white plaster. it can be painted with water-based paint or standard indoor emulsion to blend it into the wall design or paint it with a contrasting colour to highlight on the wall.

When you intend to paint a certain plaster wall light, you can do it yourself or ask a plasterer for help.But you need to take care of a few matters before beginning in order to obtain a quality painted finish.

The following tips, we find very helpful.

First, it’s not recommended to paint the plaster light while it is fitted to the wall, for it may leave unsightly cracks around the edge of the product.

Second: check the surface on the plaster fitting, it is recommended that you remove dark marks if founded. You can do this by either using a clean white eraser or P600 grit sandpaper (if the marks are heavier).

Third: take care when handling the plaster light fitting, since these materials are naturally Fragile.

Fourth: Please cover up that no intend to be painted.You can do this with masking tape or wasted news paper.

Fifth: let dry after painting, then remove the masking tape with care, to make sure the edges are sharp and straight.

Hope these tips will be helpful to you!

The Right Practice to Paint Plaster Light Fittings

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